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Appliance Recall Information

Check this list to make sure your appliance has not been recalled. If it has, follow the appropriate instructions.

Out of Gas Policy

It is now necessary for someone to be home in order for us to restore LP gas service. It will be necessary for this person to sign a service repair order documenting the handling of the out of gas call. The driver must check for any gas appliance changes or uncapped lines by performing a leak test of the system and relighting all the pilot lights. If someone is not able to be home we cannot deliver gas or restore service until someone is home for the driver to perform the required services and have the required documentation signed. There is a labor fee charged for these calls. Calls received before 12:00PM during normal business hours will be charged $60.00. Calls received after 12:00PM will be charged $100.00.

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J.M. Reynolds Oil Company delivers propane to the Greater Wabash County area for residential, industrial, commercial, and agricultural usage. Our dedicated team has decades of experience serving the Wabash County area’s vast propane needs. From a grill tank refill to the design of a new tank installation, we’re proud to be your choice for all of your propane requirements. 


Our dedicated team delivers propane throughout Greater Wabash County for home heat as well as agricultural and commercial use.

On-Site Propane Tank Filling

Bring your tank to our office where we can fill a 20# to 100# tank as well as RV tanks. We offer new 20# tanks for sale.

Installation and Maintenance

Our experienced team specializes in the design of new installations and quickly resolving any maintenance needs.

Managed Inventory

With our expertise and tank monitors we can manage your propane inventories for your convenience.

Tanks For Sale

We offer 120 gallon, 500 gallon, and 1000 gallon tanks for sale. Underground or special tank sizes available by request.

Tanks For Lease

We offer 500 gallon tanks for lease for home heat. All sizes potentially leased for agricultural, commercial, or industrial use.


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