Fuel Island – J.M. Reynolds Oil Company, Inc.

JMR Fuel Island 3

Our fuel island is located at the corner of Huntington Street and Canal Street in beautiful downtown Wabash, Indiana. From Monday through Friday from 7:00AM – 5:00PM the island is staffed and we will pump your fuel for you “like the good old days”. Anytime access is available with a credit account and J.M. Reynolds Oil Company, Inc. cardlock card for use of the pumps at your convenience. A credit application can be found at our office, via PDF, or filled out online here. We are proud to offer premium ethanol-free gasoline and dyed off-road diesel fuel in addition to regular gasoline and clear on-road diesel fuel.

Here are the products available on our fuel island:

  • Regular E10 Gasoline
  • Premium Ethanol-Free Gasoline
  • Premium Clear/On-Road Ultra Low Sulfur #2 Diesel Fuel
  • Premium Dyed/Off-Road Ultra Low Sulfur #2 Diesel Fuel