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Fuel Island

Fuel Island

Our fuel island is located at the corner of Huntington Street and Canal Street in beautiful downtown Wabash, Indiana. During our business hours of Monday through Friday from 7:00AM – 5:00PM the island is staffed and we will pump your fuel for you “like the good old days." 24/7/365 access is available with a credit account and J.M. Reynolds Oil Company, Inc. cardlock card for use of the pumps at your convenience. A credit application can be found at our office, via PDF, or filled out online here.


We offer 87 octane regular lead-free gasoline and 90/91 octane premium ethanol-free gasoline.

Diesel Fuel

We offer both premium ultra-low sulfur dyed and clear diesel fuels on our fuel island.

Attendant For Service

Fuel attendant on site during business hours to pump your fuel for you “like the good old days.” JMR cardlock card required for 24/7/365 access.

On-Site Propane Tank Filling

Bring your tank to our office where we can fill a 20# to 100# tank as well as RV tanks. We offer new 20# tanks for sale.

Billing Cycles

Your fuel transactions can be billed at a monthly (default), bi-monthly, or weekly billing cycle.

Detailed Billing

Detailed transaction, card, and account level invoicing is perfect for business use and fuel tax reporting.

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